strong verbal A.I. is now just around the corner. For example, you can use askabl to query Wikipedia - simply by asking a question.

project info & stats

askabl: a Germany-based A.I. startup

base language
lines of code written
development time in days
Libraries used 

External code / applications

  • wordnet
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • aspell
External resources 

  • Wikipedia
  • Wiktionary
  • Porter Stemming Algorithm /


Idea and concept drafted. Feasibility analysis done and passed. Planning and coding started.

Alpha version finished. Estimate of required amount of computational resources done.

pre-ICO phase to get basics up and running. Up to 20% bonus for early investors! . Early investors will get access to test-versions of askabl. runtime: 30 days.

Beta of askabl is released for testing purposes. Also, the first phase of building a bigger team starts: a few handpicked A.I. experts will join the project.

Building a local computing center commences. We will need roughly 500 cores to process a text corpus like Wikipedia within a reasonable amount of time; more cores will be added once askabl spreads to the net.

The ICO starts: runtime will be 60 days. askabl becomes publicly available: apps for Android/iOS are released. An equivalent PC site launches. askabl is staffing up strongly: especially the coding team gets bigger.

askabl spreads to the internet via web crawler: starting with a selection of a few hundred, particularly trustworthy sites, where contents can be believed to be true. Business version for internal KB's / Wikis is developed: askabl for private, non-public data sources.

askabl is integrated with blockchain for checking truth values of information from the web. Virtually all sites from the internet can now be added to askabl's knowledge base.

Adding as many books as possible to askabl's knowledge base. At first, books with expired copyright; negotiations with publishers and distributors will follow. An extension of computational resources is required.

Integrating askabl into computer OS's, so the OS can be controlled by speech entirely. askabl is improved for real conversations, extended to be a full digital companion.

June 25th
pre-ICO start
pre-ICO duration in days
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  • softcap: € 1 mio / hardcap: 20 mio
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  • overall token count: 300 mio
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Core Team

Dr. Benedikt Greipl
CEO / Founder
did a double course of studies in Physics and Philosophy, and earned his PhD in Logic & Linguistics. His programming experience stems from a being a C++ and Database Developer. The askabl project originated during his time as a PhD student, in cooperation with his academic supervisor.
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Thomas Stange
Lead Development

earned his MSc in computer science and brings 10 years of industry experience to the table, not only in coding, but also designing large software projects for major companies. Tom is mainly responsible for advancing askabl's technological base, and will be chief when we build our own computing center.

Simon Greipl
Product and Website Design

holds a MSc in Psychology and Neurolinguistics: currently a PhD-student, his field of expertise is childhood language acquisition, contributing to the theory of the project. He is also responsible for the layout and design of both the askabl app's and website. 

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Luisa Fischer

is our lady for design and marketing, as well as the social media coordinator of the project