Dr. Benedikt Greipl

Creator of askabl. CEO of our business.

From an early age on, my life was about gaining insights. I wanted to know how things fit together, what makes them tick. Curiosity is the driving force behind almost everything I do. Nowadays you can’t be an expert on everything – the world has become far too complex. But can I understand everything, or at least the most important things?

What I Did in the Past
  • double course of studies at Regensburg University, Germany
  • academic degree both in physics and philosophy
  • PhD in logic and linguistics
  • spent a year at Wesleyan University, CT
  • was a university lecturer for philosophy and physics for three years
  • worked as an IT-consultant for two years
  • worked as an IT-specialist in a computing center
  • worked as a database/C++ developer for two years