Simon Greipl

Linguistic conceptualization. Product and website design.

How come a child – at a certain age – learns more words a day than time allows to pick up? What are the unseen semantic relations for this, and how do they work?

I am convinced, only an artificial intelligence, sophisticated enough, can answer these questions satisfactorily. What we need is a simulation that enables us to model brain functions for speech – if we get it to answer questions more and more correctly, ultimately like a human would, odds are we are on the right track.

What I Did in the Past
  • earned an MSc from Salzburg University, Austria in Psychology
  • field of expertise: neurolinguistics and language acquistion
  • currently a PhD student at IWM Tuebingen
  • current research project: Benefits of game-based cognitive interface for knowledge work – from basic effect and neural correlates to neuropsychological rehabilitation (link)